Experiencing Back Pain? Here’s Some Hatha Yoga Poses You Can Do

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Many people complain about body pains and aches.

The most common experience many individuals share is undoubtedly back pain.

Back pain can be the result of working in a labor or manufacturing industry.

Other causes can be attributed to accidents, extreme weight loss or gain, prolonged exposure to an environment that is non-ergonomic.

Regardless of the reason, there are several ways you can do to alleviate the pain and prevent it from happening, such as exercises, stretch, rest, and breathing techniques.

If you are into yoga (particularly Hatha yoga), below are some of the poses you can do to help you with your back pain, backbend, asanas.

Downward Facing Dog

This pose is considered one of the most common.

It is prevalent among a number of styles including Hatha yoga.

This pose starts with the feet flat on the floor and together.

Breath in deeply and as you fold forward, exhale.

When your hands are on the floor, crawl outward until you are in the triangle pose.

Standing Forward Bend

From downward facing dog, you can transition into the next yogic pose, the standing forward bend.

Slowly walk your way back up until your fingers are at your toes and your face is at your legs.

You should be bent over in the same manner as if you were bending forward while sitting down.

Make sure you do not overstrain when doing yoga poses.

The primary goal is to stretch out your back (spine) muscles.

You may experience some tension.

However, when it starts to hurt, consider slowly raising up until the pain disappears.

Bridge Pose

Once you have completed the standing forward bend and the downward facing dog, slowly move on the floor while still on your back.

For this pose, it would be ideal to sit on your knees.

Once on your knees, bend back slowly until you arch your back.

Aim for a back arch similar to a bridge hump.

In this yoga pose, you will need to bend your back a bit so you can stretch the muscles in a different direction and ease out some of the tension that may be causing the pain.

Enumerated above are just some of the most prevalent Hatha yoga poses and breathing practices you can do to help ease back pain and prevent it from recurring.

If you want to do more, it would be best to see a Hatha yoga instructor so you can add more poses to your current yoga routine for the back.

They can help you decide on the ideal poses you should do.

More importantly, they can help guarantee the yoga poses are executed accordingly.

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