Tone Your Muscles with These Yoga Moves

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Generally, many people believe yoga poses, asanas, and yogic practices are very effective for those who would like to lose weight and be stress-free.

Certain yoga poses or asanas, yogic practices, and breathing exercises can also help tone the muscles of the body.

While there are several yoga poses (asanas) and breathing exercises that can help with muscle toning, we’ve listed down some of the easiest moves even yoga beginners can easily take on.

Cobra Pose

If you want to tone the upper thigh and back muscles, then the cobra pose, a backbend, would be the ideal pose you can execute.

This yoga pose is pretty straightforward.

Start by lying flat on the floor in plank pose, your stomach should be facing down.

Move your hands to either side of the body just like if you are doing a push-up.

From that plank pose position, push your body up slowly while arching your back and moving your chest outward.

Keep the thighs planted on the ground firmly.

Hold the pose and move slightly when arching your back more to stretch.

The move will help with the stretching of the muscles even more.

Forward Bend

The forward bend is yet another one of those easy yoga poses newbies can easily do.

This hatha yoga pose is done by standing straight with both feet flat on the floor.

Breathe in slowly and deeply and as you move forward and bend at the waist, exhale slowly.

The standing poses is complete if the palm of your hands is already flat on the ground beside or in front of your feet.

Your face should also be flat to your legs.

Many people would do this pose slowly and begin with the fingers touching the ankles and eventually moving to the flat on the floor pose.

Forearm Standard

This is one hatha yoga pose not many have heard of and are familiar with.

The forearm standard is started off with a headstand.

Yes, you read that right. A headstand.

However, the forearm standard is a slightly modified version of the headstand.

Execute the headstand pose by having your forearms pressed flat to the floor.

In this yoga pose, you would need to move to the forearms to brace your body weight and retain the pose.

This will work for your forearms, shoulders, and back.

The yoga poses, traditions, and practices including meditation, breathing, and classes mentioned above are just some of the easiest and traditional muscle toning poses created.

There are many more yoga sutras that can be added to your muscle toning routine once you are proficient enough to execute more advanced poses and techniques.

In general, however, it is reassuring to know that majority of yoga practices require stretches and holding poses—moves that will help tone the muscles of your body.

If you want to explore other areas yoga can help you with aside from muscle toning, poses, and meditation, visit today!

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