Numerology is a vast form of divine arts. The numerical values are interpreted in many different ways and approaches. It is because even back then, philosophers and scholars have already recognised the power of numbers, numerical values, and arithmancy, and its ability to affect people’s lives.

At present, however, numerologists take into account a person’s numerology numbers and life path when giving a reading. Each person has a number that represents them, based on requisites such as names, birthdates, and numerology. The values in these requisites are calculated accordingly to derive their numerology values.

Different representations of numerology numbers

Numerology numbers vary in terms of purpose and interpretation. Depending on the type of numerology reading you have requested, you may be presented with terms such as “life path number,” “destiny number,” “soul urge number,” etc.

These are called “core numbers,” since they represent your inner attributes and capacities from various perspectives.

  • Life path number – also known as the “root number,” it is the digit that is deemed most important in numerology. Numerology is because this single digit represents the different aspects of your life path number. It offers insights about your past, present, and future. It likewise gives you a peek on how you deal with yourself and the people in your environment.

The life path number is derived from your birthdate. Using a numerology calculator, it is the single digit extracted from calculating the sum of each digit on your birthdate. Since this number is taken from your birthdate, it represents a constant stream of attributes that cannot be easily changed once you change a digit prior to numerology calculation.

Numerology: Numerology: A person’s life path also falls between 1 and 9, unless the reduced sum of their birthdate is a double digit, such as 11, 22, or 33. Numerology system: These life path numbers are no longer reduced to a single digit and are referred to as “master numbers.” People with these life path numbers are known to be masters of their craft, since their traits are “doubled” in terms of power and responsibility.

  • Destiny number – aka “expression number,” this numerology number offers a peak on how you are able to showcase your greater goals. It tackles more on the ways you can cultivate your skills and use them to achieve your aspirations. For instance, you fall under life path 8, so your mission is to cultivate abundance. If your destiny number is 7 (numerology), then you are able to best cultivate abundance through analysis and critical observation.

The destiny number in numerology is derived by reducing each name of your full name (first, middle, and last) into a single digit, and adding up their total.

  • Soul urge number – aka “heart’s desire number,” this digit represents a person’s desires and urges, including his or her likes and dislikes. Numerology, numbers, and path represent your intention in doing certain actions, and which influences affect the choices you make in life. Like the destiny number, your soul urge number is derived from your name, specifically from the vowels in your full birth name.

Numerology, life path, and Siegel – Numerology, life path, and Siegel – these core numbers paint a picture of you and your inner qualities from different approaches. They prove to be highly important when you are trying to get to know yourself deeper. Numerology: These numbers offer an insight into how and why you think, speak, and act in certain situations and towards others. By getting to know these numbers that represent your life through numerology, you acquire the knowledge to use in achieving your various goals.

The numbers numerologists use

Different numerology approaches use a wide array of numbers, including life and siegel, and number combinations to come up with readings. In a Pythagorean numerology calculator however, things are kept simple as the only digits used are the numbers 1 to 9.

Each number between 1 and 9 have their own unique qualities. These traits stand out at certain instances without the person even knowing it, and sometimes, it is only the numbers that provide a logical explanation.



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