We all experience body pain once in a while. It may be a headache due to eye strain or back pain due to hours of sitting. These discomforts are a way of your body to tell you it needs break or you need to relax. Unfortunately, not all of us have the time to listen to our body and unwind. We either take over the counter pills to numb the pain or ignore it and continue with tasks at hand.

When we continue to ignore these body pains, over time it could have a negative effect in our overall health. To avoid these possible health risks, you want to start taking care of your body. Some of the easiest way to do this is by taking your breaks in the office. Some people are too busy at work that they couldn’t even eat lunch on time. This shouldn’t be the case. Take a break whenever possible so your body can recover from hours of sitting still or handling stress. Even just walking around the office or stretching in the restroom can do a huge help. You may find it silly but your body will surely thank you for it. Plus, taking a break helps your body to recover and be more ready to get through the day.

If you want to go the extra mile and pamper yourself more, you can also go to a spa during the weekend or after office hours. A quick visit to the spa for a facial or foot reflexology can do wonders to your body. You can also visit a spa that specializes in acupressure techniques to stimulate pressure points on different parts of body. It will surely bring positive results much faster in your body and help you get rid of body pains such as back pain, headache, or joint pain.

Want to know more about acupressure points in your body? Read on for more information about it.

Forehead acupressure point

Forehead pressure point or the point between the eyes is commonly targeted to relieve pain due to eye strain or headache. Also known as Yin Tang this pressure point is found between your eyebrows at the dip of the part where your nasal bone starts to connect to the forehead. You can relieve the pain by placing the tip of your thumb or index finger into the forehead pressure point and gently stroking upward. You can do this for about a minute and you will start to relieve the pain or tension due to eye strain or headache.

Palm of Your Hand

Stress may not feel painful but it could take a toll on our body. To alleviate stress, there are a number of pressure points on the palm of your hand you can use. Just use your thumb or fingertip to provide stress or pain relief. You can also use the pressure point found at the base of your thumb, directly below the middle finger, to help relieve cramps or lower abdominal pain.

Neck acupressure point

You may have already experienced neck pain due to hours of sitting behind your desk reading a book or articles for hours. You can relieve pain in the neck by manipulating a fleshy point found on your hand. This pressure point at the V curve created by your index and middle finger, just below the knuckle on the back of the hand. You can either use your left or right hand to do this technique. By squeezing this point with your thumb on top and your index finger pressing upward from the palm, you can relieve your body from neck pain. Do this for a minute or two to get results.

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