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Is colon cleansing good for you? Scientific research on colon cleansing is extremely limited.  There is no good evidence for most of the claims that its practitioners make. And the side effects can range from mild to severe.

What is a Natural Colon Cleanse and How Does It Work?

A natural colon cleanse is an effective way to detoxify your body naturally. It mainly aims to remove any accumulated feces from your colon and intestinal tract by using various methods. Colon cleansing is also referred to as colon therapy.

There are mainly two ways by which you can cleanse your colon (Cara Membersihkan Usus):

  • The first method involves taking supplements via your mouth or rectum to help your colon expel its contents completely. Such supplements are easily available in supermarkets, pharmacies, and other drugstores.

  • The second method is colon irrigation in which colon hydrotherapists perform colon irrigation by pumping out gallons of water via a small tube that is inserted into your rectum.

  • The third method is coffee enemas that are self-administered. But we recommend you consult with your naturopathic practitioner before implementing.

You can opt for any of these methods to cleanse your colon. However, since studies supporting this practice are limited, you can decide whether you want to go ahead with it or not after having a brief look at its potential benefits and risks.

What are the Benefits of a Natural Colon Cleanse?

A natural colon cleanse is believed to help in expelling undigested substances from your body. In the long run, such substances can turn toxic and have adverse effects on your health. Cleansing your colon enhances your vitality by:

  • Help you to lose weight

  • Improves the overall mental and physical health

  • Improves the functionality of the immune system

  • Reduces the risk of developing colon cancer

We will now look at some of the safest and easiest remedies to cleanse your colon naturally.

Home Remedies For Colon Cleansing

  1. Garcinia Cambogia

  2. Apple Juice

  3. Lemon Detox Drink

  4. Yogurt

  5. Apple Cider Vinegar

  6. Raw Vegetable Juice

  7. Sea Salt

  8. Ginger

  9. Magnesium Citrate

  10. Flaxseeds

  11. Aloe Vera Juice

  12. Supplements

  13. Baking Soda

  14. Coconut Oil

  15. Castor Oil

  16. Green Tea

  17. Cayenne Pepper

How about you, have you done your body a favor and done your natural colon cleansing to detoxify your body of toxins? How do you clean your intestine (Cara Membersihkan Usus)?

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