24 hour massage in Singapore

A visit to a spa is one of the most convenient ways to pamper yourself and relax. Whether you will book a spa visit for a manicure, massage, or facial, the experience at spas will leave you feeling refreshed.

Back in the day, a visit to a spa is like a vacation that only the rich and famous can afford. If you wish to visit a destination spa, you will need to stay in their premises for a few days and pay a hefty amount of money to unwind.

Good thing there are now day spas, health resorts, and hot springs that you can visit near your place. They have almost everything that large destination spas offer, be it treatments, facilities, resorts, hot springs, baths, rooms.

Patients only need to stay for as long as the treatment takes, which is usually one hour or two. Another reason many prefer these spas is because you no long need to spend the night just for their treatment. Thus, your bill will be cheaper than a resort spa.

Choosing the right spa

There are a lot of spas and resorts that offer 24-hour massage in Singapore. So how do you choose the right place for you? How do you know if a particular day spa is the right place for you? Here are five tips for making sure your day at the spa is safe, sanitary and utterly relaxing.

  1. Research – take the time to research about the best 24-hour spas in Singapore before hitting the road. Remember that just because a friend recommended a spa for you doesn’t mean that you will have an awesome experience. Not all spas offer the same service. Each of them are a bit different from the other so you have to research which one will work for you. Check their treatment description, feedback about spa etiquette, price, policies, discounts, and a lot more at spas.

  2. Contact the spa resorts – if research isn’t enough to find the perfect spa, be sure to call one that closely matches your needs. Prepare a list of questions about springs, water, and health to not miss any important detail. You can also take this opportunity to schedule a visit. Request for a tour of their spa’s facilities. If you think the spa doesn’t meet your expectations, you can always choose to check out.

  3. Make a reservation – if you’re planning to visit a 24 hour massage in Singapore, be sure to make a reservation. This is especially when you plan to go during peak hours. Keep in mind that during these hours, the spa may be a bit crowded so your stay may not be as relaxing as you expect. Nothing is more frustrating than arriving at spa and you’re informed that no spa room is available for you since you have no reservation. Wait listing may be an option but its not as appealing as getting that relaxing massage right away.

  4. Don’t hesitate to ask – if it’s your first time to visit a spa, don’t be shy to tell it to the staff so they can guide you properly during your stay. Let the staff thoroughly discuss each treatment so you can set your expectations as well. You also shouldn’t hesitate to tell the technician if you feel any pain or discomfort.

  5. Arrive early – this is especially important if you have questions about the spa or the treatment. Arrive early so you have enough time to get a quick tour on where the massage rooms, lockers, restroom, sauna rooms, or baths are. Plus, you wouldn’t want the technician rushing your treatment just because they have another client waiting for you to finish.

If you’re still searching for the perfect spa that offers 24 hour massage in Singapore, be sure to check out Grand Spa.

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