Slimming Methods That Work

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Scientists from major US universities discovered that only 1 out of 5 people lost their extra weight or at least 10 percent of their body weight. The plateau effect is one of the reasons why weight loss can be challenging for many people.

Understandably, when people experience plateau, they tend to get discouraged since it would seem like their efforts are all for nothing. Fortunately, the plateau effect can be combated. On the light side, scientifically proven slimming methods (cara melangsingkan badan) have been found to decrease weight even in the plateau effect phase.

Weight Training

Training with weight is less effective as a slimming method (cara melangsingkan badan) than cardio training but it helps to maintain the degree of metabolism that is necessary when you are on a long-term diet.

Weight training can help increase metabolism. In addition, it also helps warrant the body does not shift into low-energy mode. After a workout however, it is advisable to integrate some protein in the meal as it can help the muscles get stronger.

Change Caloric Value in the Week

If we are on a diet, our clever bodies respond to smaller food amounts, reducing energy intake. In other words, if there is no food, the body adapts to the new living conditions and still retains the extra pound. And if you start eating fewer calories, the body knows that its decision is right.

You can use the caloric cycles to control the body. You should eat about 1,000 or 1,200 kcal with virtually no carbohydrates 2 days a week and eat 1,500 kcal for the rest of the days. This trick will not slow down metabolism and produce the caloric deficit.

Add More Proteins  and Vegetables in Your Diet

Low-carbohydrate diets are considered to be the best strategy for weight loss. Adding more protein and fiber in the diet has been known to improve metabolism. Carbohydrates raise the level of insulin to make us hungry. So, if you are trying to lose weight, eating a slice of low-fat meat is better than eating a sweet fruit.

Change Your Workout Routine

Years of struggle for survival have taught our bodies one simple thing: energy should be preserved by every means possible. The human body adapts to the exercises you do after a while. Therefore, progress will definitely slow down after several weeks of similar exercises.

There is only one solution: you should change your exercise routine once every 1-1.5 months. There are many options: Change yoga for pilates, do new exercises, train new muscles, and change the weights you use.

Eat Tasty Foods

The ability to withstand the urge to eat will depend partly on how well the brain works. However, when you have not been eating anything tasty for a long time, your brain begins to tell you that eating a bar of chocolate or tasty biscuit can be a great idea.

For this reason, nutrition experts recommend that small portions of “prohibited” foods should be included. If you can relax occasionally, you have a smaller chance of losing control and stopping the diet at some point.

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