Simple Hatha Yoga Poses for Beginners

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When you are a yoga newbie, you can expect a lot of the asanas to be challenging to execute, at least at first.

You’ll probably find yourself not flexible enough to do some of them yet.

You can expect the same issues and problems when you switch yoga styles.

If this is something you are experiencing at the moment, you’d be delighted to know there are easy Hatha yoga asanas you can do and add to your daily practice.

Standing Forward Bend

This yogic pose is deemed one of the easiest beginner Hatha yoga asanas one can do.

Execute the physical pose by standing with both feet flat on the ground.

Take a deep breath and exhale slowly as you bend in a yoga pose.

Take your hands and place the fingertips on the floor as closely as possible.

The face should touch the legs.

You then bend over and put your face as flat on your knees as you are able.

Corpse Pose

The corpse pose is executed while one your back.

For the uninitiated, this might not even look like a yoga pose at first glance.

Lie on your back with the palm up and at an angle to the sides.

The feet should be a shoulder width apart and the soles of the feet should be facing out.

Breathe in and out slowly as you lay in this position.

This pose is designed to help you recognize parts of your body that are under stress and work on releasing that tension.

While this may seem like a very easy pose, it can be uncomfortable for those who are not used to it yet.

Fortunately, if you are still trying to get the hang of hatha practices, you can use a yoga accessory or rolled up towel to help with neck support.

Tree Pose

Next to the downward facing dog, the tree pose is considered one of the most common yoga poses.

Execute the move by standing with the feet flat on the floor.

Bring the hands to a praying position, right at the center of the chest.

Bring one of the legs up with the foot flat against the standing knee.

Wall Bend

The wall bend is performed while lying on the back.

The legs should be placed against the wall, akin to sitting on the wall.

This pose is ideal for those who have leg pain and want to build flexibility through yoga poses.

Release stress and work out the muscles by laying with the legs flat against the wall.

There are still a lot of yoga poses beginners can try, however, it is advisable to start with the easy ones until body strength and flexibility has been improved.

If you are unsure if you are executing the poses right, it is recommended that you attend a yoga class first before attempting to do the poses on your own.

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