Most Common Ankle Injuries

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Our feet and ankles help support our entire body and weight.

They also make walking, running, standing, and playing possible.

However, since the feet and ankles help support one’s weight, they can become very susceptible to injuries.

These injuries can vary, with some considered more severe than the others.

If truth be told, foot and ankle injuries are actually very common.

It is reassuring to note however that these injuries are also preventable.

Typically, foot and ankle injuries are often not serious but if symptoms have persisted for a long time, it would be best to have it checked so it can be assessed and treated accordingly.

Foot and ankle injuries are common among people involved in rigorous and competitive sports and other strenuous physical activities.

Below are some of the most common types of ankle injuries.

Ankle ligament damage

In the event of severe or serious falls, there is the tendency for the ligaments to be torn or ruptured.

The ligaments are the strong bands of tissue tasked to connect the bones within the joint.

It is also responsible for the stability of the foot and the ankle.

In some instances, damage to the ligaments in the ankle will require surgery to fix.

In most cases, injuries of this type will also require rehabilitation.

Strengthening the joint should be considered crucial in order to minimize the possibility of further damage or injury in the future.

Broken ankle

A broken ankle is considered a serious injury because it involves a broken bone.

Surgery is required to fix the bone, followed by rehabilitation. This is done in order to facilitate proper healing.

Your doctor or therapist may also recommend the use of a walker to take pressure off the injured area and support movement.

Sprained ankle

A sprained ankle is considered one of the most common types of injuries experienced by a majority of people.

This condition is so prevalent that most people will likely experience a sprained ankle at one point in their lives or another.

A sprained ankle can be mild or severe.

A sprain also involves the joints and ligaments in the ankle and can result to pain, inflammation, and decreased mobility.

This type of injury can heal after a few days given there is enough rest and limited mobility.

In order to hasten healing, refrain from putting additional pressure on the ankle until the pain and swelling is completely gone.

Foot and ankle injuries can complicate when left unattended. To ensure the best treatment intervention is given, head to right away.

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