Hip and Knee Replacement: When is It Needed?

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Even if once considered a “high-tech” procedure, joint replacement is now deemed very common.

Statistics indicate that at least more than a million hips and knees are replaced annually.

And that statistic is in the United States alone.

While the figures are no doubt staggering, it is not exactly surprising.

For the right candidates, hip and knee replacement can be a life-altering procedure.

When is the procedure necessary?

While often considered the last resort, hip and knee replacement is deemed the best alternative when the following factors are present:

  • When there is pain and stiffness – it might be time for a new joint when the patient experiences difficulty walking, getting up from a chair, climbing the stairs, and doing routine activities. Also, if pain has persisted for more than 6 months already, a joint replacement surgery might be the best alternative.
  • When it affects the patient’s quality of life – apart from the pain, another key element that needs to be factored in is if the condition already has a significant impact on the patient’s daily routine. Is it limiting what the patient can do? Does it affect the patient’s mood? Does it impact how they go about their day-to-day routine?
  • When there is damage to the bone – X-rays alongside other imaging tests can be used to check if osteoarthritis or any other medical condition has taken a toll on the patient’s joints.
  • When there is obvious deformity – when the patient’s leg has become bowed or the knees have become severely swollen, joint replacement surgery will be the likely treatment option.
  • When other treatment alternatives have become futile – when all the other non-invasive treatment options (injections, medications, devices) have been exhausted, surgery becomes the likely option.

What key elements should be considered?

Even for those who are perfect candidates for hip or joint replacement surgery, it is still necessary that the following key questions are addressed:

Has the possible impact of the procedure already been considered?

The likely effects of surgery on the patient’s life and job should be taken into account.

When necessary, talking to family members and friends will be encouraged so assistance is available while patient is recovering.

Have other perspectives been taken into account?

Just like any surgeries that are major, getting a second opinion would be recommended.

This is especially true for those patients who have any doubts if the procedure is the best recourse possible.

Has the procedure been discussed with the surgeon?

For likely candidates, it is important that the specifics about the procedure will be discussed thoroughly.

If patient has any doubts and queries, they should not think twice about discussing it with their surgeon.

Asking for enlightenment regarding the procedure and what the recovery would be like is also advisable.

Has proper research been carried out?

There are different kinds of joint replacement procedures so doing research and reading up on the matter is recommended.

There are a lot of reliable websites that can provide essential information on the matter so candidates for surgery will have a clear idea of what they will be getting themselves into.

Is there assistance available while recovering?

Recovering from joint surgery when living alone can be very challenging.

For the first few weeks after the procedure, help will be necessary when preparing food, getting dressed, changing the bandage, and moving around.

If no family members or friends will be around to provide assistance, finding a facility where they can rehabilitate would be ideal.

What necessary changes do candidates for surgery need to do?

In order to ensure the best results are achieved, candidates should be willing to commit and work hard prior and post-surgery.

Patients need to also be aware that significant lifestyle need to be made like losing weight, exercising more, quitting smoking, and eating healthier, among other things.

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