Bagaimana Cara Menurunkan Berat Badan with This Simple Guide

According to Women’s Health Magazine, you knew you let yourself go a little bit, and after throwing the stupid bathroom scale away because it said you were (insert red-flag number here), you went for the true test — slipping on last year’s jeans. Ugh. Not being able to pull your pants past your thighs sure […]


Natural Home Remedies for Mencerahkan Kulit Wajah

Are you looking for an effective mencerahkan kulit wajah product or organic/natural ingredient that works? Natural ingredients make the best option for your skin as it has no side effects. The first thing and the most simple practice that you can do anytime and anywhere is to stay out of the sun so that you […]


Homemade Skin Tightening Facial Masks You Should Definitely Try

  Aging skin can be such a party pooper! As you age, several skin-related issues start to develop. Your skin starts producing less oil, which makes it dry and saggy. Who would want to have such skin? To avoid this, you must start taking precautions from an early age and find some easy tips on […]


What is a Hot Stone Massage?

Hot stone massage is a therapy designed to melt away tension and ease muscle stiffness. It can also increase blood circulation and improve metabolism. This massage lasts for about 1 ½ -hour only and is available in Singapore spa. Each session promotes muscle relaxation by placing smooth and water-heated stones at certain areas on the […]


Top 5 Spa Treatments that are Worth the Splurge

Do you feel any guilt after spending a few hours and dollars on a good spa treatment? Well with the list of spa treatments below you won’t.

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How Much Do You Need to Pay for a LASIK Surgery?

  Are you having doubts on whether you need a LASIK surgery, or maybe you need details on LASIK Singapore price? Read on as this post aims to help you learn more regarding the LASIK surgery pricing nowadays. In truth, the LASIK Singapore price can range from $3500 to $6500. There is really no solid price information since prices […]