What Does Numerology Say About Your Current Relationship?

Numbers play a role in giving hints about love and relationships. Indeed, there are ups and downs in any romance, but it all boils down to making the partnership work at the end of the day.

What if you are starting to find it difficult to continue your relationship with your partner while deep inside, you know that you still love them? If you are already feeling confused, then taking a peek at your numerology compatibility may help.

Working out a relationship can be very challenging despite the burning love and passion you share with your partner. At the same time, the situation you’re in may not always be understood in black or white. Numerology compatibility meanwhile, aims to decipher these mysteries so you can have a better hand in making your romance succeed.

Combined numerology calculations

Calculating compatibility in numerology usually takes into account the birthdates of two individuals. For instance, your birthdate and that of your partner’s. Numerology studies such as in Power of Numbers combine these two dates to calculate a reading. From the combined results, insights can be derived and used as lessons on how to deal with your current relationship state.

The 2-7 combination

A combination of digits that numerologists look out for when reading compatibility is 2-7. In Power of Numbers, this pair represents compatibility (both in original and reverse order, 7-2).

It can be attributed to the qualities found in both numbers; 2 is the number of emotion while 7 is number of attraction. When read, 2-7 or 7-2 literally means “emotions attract”.

The presence of this pair in a numerology chart means that you and your partner are compatible with each other. It may depict your shared interest of the same areas of discussion, or complementing each other’s attitudes.

However, when this pair of digits appear more than once in a combined numerology chart, then they might tell you a different story, such as:

  • 2 sets of the 2-7 pairing may mean that there is a third party in the relationship;
  • 3 sets of the 2-7 pairing may mean that there is a third party that will try to enter into the relationship, but will find it difficult to succeed;
  • 4 sets of the 2-7 pairing indicate that the partnership is a match made in heaven;
  • 5 or more sets of the 2-7 pairing are warning signs that the relationship will not prosper.


What to do about your numerology compatibility reading

The insights revealed in your numerology compatibility reading are not meant for you to make drastic changes in your relationship. Instead, these help you better gauge the current status of your affair.

It is true that compatibility is a fundamental component in every successful partnership, romantic or otherwise. However, not being compatible doesn’t mean that you cannot work out on a compromise, especially when you know that you love each other so much. Perhaps you can look at aspects in which you and your partner do wonders together, or areas where you succeed as a team.

Developing an appreciation for what the numbers say is vital in any relationship you are involved in. It is because while you become madly attracted to someone (and vice versa), there are still things that you yet have to discover about each other, which are only unravelled through the passage of time.

With what the numbers say with regards to your compatibility as a couple or as partners in a business or joint project, you have a heads up in handling your relationship with the setbacks mitigated and happier moments fully enjoyed.


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