What Pythagorean Numerology Tells You About Your Life


Numbers have a great influence on our fate. In numerology, we are introduced to the ways in which we can study the relationship between numbers and our lives, as well as the things and events that occur around us. Numbers also give us insights on trends and patterns that are constant in our past, present, and future.

While it doesn’t predict events that are bound to happen in our lives, numerology enables us to look deeper into our consciousness based on the qualities and traits that have been in our DNA all this time. Whether they are good or bad traits, we can then use them to achieve our goals successfully, should we master the power of numbers.

One type of numerology subscribed by a lot of people today is Pythagorean numerology. Also referred to as “modern numerology,” it focuses on translating letters into numbers in order to master the meanings behind them.

Pythagorean numerology concentrates on a person’s psyche, such as the forces that drive you to achieve your goals, express your thoughts and emotions naturally, and the impression you usually make on others. 

A quick history

As the name represents, this type of numerology was first practiced by Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher and mathematician who, alongside his followers, formed a religious order that studied various spiritual techniques.

Pythagoras believed that all things in the universe can be explained with numbers. “All things are numbers,” he once said, and used mathematics for spiritual reasons.

Six vibrations in Pythagorean numerology

Mastering this type of numerology begins with six primary numbers. Three of these core numbers can be derived from your date of birth, while the other three come from your name. 

All these six numbers offer a deeper look into who we are as people, and how we can use our inner character traits to improve our lives. These numbers are:

  • Life path number – the main number in Pythagorean numerology, it offers the most information about your life. This number showcases the life lessons and experiences that you are bound to learn and master to achieve your aspirations.
  • Birthday number – this digit shows your other abilities and talents that you can use to pursue your passions. 
  • First impression number – derived from the date and month of your birth and reducing the sum to a single digit, this number talks about the impression you make on other people.
  • Inner soul number – considered to be the third most important Pythagorean vibration, this number describes your inner desires, your motivations, and the things you want to become in this lifetime. While not many people see this part of your personality, you have the urge to fulfil this desire in order to feel complete.
  • Character number – this number describes your most dominant traits, particularly those that people usually see in you at first glance. This number is calculated by taking all the values of the consonants in your name and reducing them into a single digit number.
  • Expression number – widely regarded to be the second most important Pythagorean vibration, this number shows the path that you are destined to take, your strengths, natural talents and capabilities that you should utilise during your lifetime.

Pythagorean numerology offers a holistic approach in discovering your inner self through numbers. The lessons you learn from this study of numbers can lead you to success in your career, family, relationships, and even discover your true passion.

Like other types of numerology, it doesn’t provide exact predictions on the things set to happen in your life. Rather, it enables you to see beyond the qualities you show or practice, the reasons behind them, and how these traits can unleash your full potential. 

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