Are Cosmetic Procedures Only for Women?

One of the biggest misconceptions in the beauty and skincare world is that cosmetic dermatology only applies to women. This may have been the norm a decade ago, but now more men are turning to science to get their skin woes fixed.

In the last decade, there has been a shift in the attitude of men seeking a more youthful appearance. There is a spike in interest of cosmetic treatments that only women have been going under for years. More websites and magazines are giving men a fresh insight about “skincare,” making it a socially acceptable norm for men to be concerned about looking older.

This new trend stems to men being practical, not just vanity. In the workforce, youth is tantamount to more productivity and speedier results. Looking younger makes men more professionally desirable. And then there are social media apps. More technology means we are checking ourselves out a whole lot more—and so are other people.

Matching with this changing attitude are the technological advancements in the types of treatments available, men are tapping into dermatologic procedures that provide quick fixes with minimal to no downtime and that bring natural results almost instantly.

Here are the top procedures that men can get.


As you would have thought, Botox is the gateway cosmetic procedure for most men. At first, most men were hesitant to try it, fearing they would end up looking stiff as a board—poker-faced with eyebrows that jut up like Jack Nicholson’s. Men want to look natural, like women, and that’s possible. This gives a generally refreshed, ten years younger appearance that looks natural.


Men also want a firmer and tighter appearance all over their face and neck. They start to see their skin look weather-beaten and lose radiance from sun damage. That’s where Ultherapy comes in. Ultherapy is a non-surgical treatment approved by the FDA for lifting the skin on the neck, brow, and even chin—which results in a more defined jawline. This procedure leverages on the energy of ultrasound to stimulate the deeper layers of the skin and produce collagen — including those normally addressed in a surgical facelift — but without disturbing the surface of the skin.


Men are generally concerned that cosmetic procedures will make them look feminine. That’s why they shun away from injectable fillers. Fillers are actually one of the most effective and versatile cosmetic treatments available. They are used in a conventional way for women, but for men, a lesser amount is the key to a natural, undone look. More than ever, men use fillers to create a more lifted look and fill in deep grooves and hollows. Under eye filler procedure is growing in popularity to rectify dark circles or that haggard and tired look.

Rejuran Healer

Rejuran Healer is a natural filler that reverses ageing and restores one’s youthfulness by boosting skin elasticity, diminishing the appearance of scars, brightening the skin, and tightening the skin. This is great for men on the go because Rejuran Healer targets several skin issues in one treatment.


CoolSculpt technology safely delivers precisely controlled cooling to gently and effectively target the fat cells underneath the skin. Fat cells freeze at higher temperatures than the surrounding tissues.  The treated fat cells are crystallized, and then die. Over time, the body naturally processes the fat and eliminates these dead cells, so beer bellies and spare tires are slimmed down.



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