Guidelines on How to Prepare for a LASIK operation:

It’s not enough to be qualified for a patient to undergo a LASIK surgery. There are still several items that you need to prepare prior to, during, and even after the surgery. This way, you can even set your expectations on how the surgery will be done and the possible results.


What patients need to know prior to operation:

Since you will be undergoing this operation, you are probably thinking about LASIK Singapore price. In general, the cost for it ranges from $3500 up to $6500. This pricing could still change depending on the type of technology the doctor will use, how much vision correction you need, and the difficulty of the procedure.


To know exactly what about LASIK Singapore price an eye care center offers, you will have to schedule an eye test with them. This will also give you the opportunity to know what the method will cover. It will also help both you and your surgeon to see if your eyes are healthy enough to endure LASIK procedure. During the examination, assessment of the cornea’s shape and also thickness, the pupil’s size, the degree of refractive errors such as hyperopia, myopia, or astigmatism is done. Your surgeon will also perform a thorough eye health check to exclude any eye condition. You may also be asked to undergo a dry eye test to gauge the degree of dryness of your eyes. This will act as a precautionary assessment to expect chances of dry eyes problems after the surgery.


Medical history – it is vital that your doctor is well aware of your medical history and current eye condition before he or she starts the operation. Your medical history could alter the operation and its outcomes, especially if you have a family history of eye illnesses or if you have experienced any preceding eye injury.

From the risks and difficulties to options and welfares of the surgery, everything should be carefully clarified to you in order to set proper expectations. There’s no need to rush your choice whether you will do it or not. It is still best to think through all the possibilities and benefit of the operation before agreeing to do it. Talk to your surgeon and review all the details of the process so you are well aware of its risks as well as benefits.


Contact lenses – you need to stop using contact lenses 1 week prior to your initial examination as well as surgery. This is because contact lenses can change the form of the cornea, and it can affect the results of your operation. If you wear it a few days before your surgery, the cornea has no time to regain its initial shape, resulting to inaccurate measurements or poor surgical effects.


Make ups and creams – Do not apply any make-ups, facial creams, perfumes, or lotions on the day of the operation. Doing so could pose risks of pollution or infection.


Arrange mean of transportation – you will be asked not to drive for the next 24 hours so it will be ideal to arrange mean of transport. Have a friend or relative accompany you on the day of the surgery for your safety.


Rest for 2 to 3 days – your vision may still be hazy after the surgery and you will need about 2 to 3 days to fully recover. This will also help the eyes to heal quicker because it can have sufficient rest.



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